Urmston Aquatics & Reptile Centre was established in 1998 and has since grown to be one of the UK's leading outlets for quality reptiles and reptile equipment.   We supply hand made quality vivariums which are all fitted to reptile specific requirements - in other words, we don't cut corners!


 A vivarium is usually made from a clear container (often plastic or glass). Unless it is an aquarium, it does not need to withstand the pressure of water, so it can also be made out of wood or metal, with at least one transparent side. Modern vivariums are sometimes constructed from epoxy-coated plywood and fitted with sliding glass doors. Coating the inside of a plywood vivarium helps to retain the natural effect of the environment. Epoxy-coated plywood vivariums retain heat better than glass or plastic enclosures and are able to withstand high degrees of humidity. They can be cubical, spherical, cuboidal, or a variety of shapes. The choice of materials depends on the desired size and weight, resistance to high humidity, the cost and the desired quality.


Our live food breeders supply us with fresh crickets and locusts twice each week on Tuesdays and Fridays -  Fresh and healthy !

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Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Medium/Wide 60x45x45cm PT2610

Fast Delivery

Ordered on sunday on the telephone and delivered to my house monday morning. Can't ask for more...

Exo Terra Tortoise Cave (PT2922)

Great Product

My tortoise loves this. Arrived next day. Great service.

Komodo Woodland Canopy 42cm

Very Realistic

I ordered one of these on the off chance that it would be ok. It is extremely realistic and I have now ordered 2 more of this plant and a couple of the others. The rain drops on the leaves are brilliant.

Lucky Reptile Egg O Bator Incubator

New User

I am new to this web site and this is the first thing I have bought from them. I received the incubator last week and it was put to use 2 days later. So far its working fine. The incubator arrived the next day after I ordered it.

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