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Algae can quickly build up in an aquarium and make the fish tank unsightly. This can become a troublesome task so by using the right tools can be made so much easier.

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D-D Aquascape Aquarium Construction Epoxy - Slate Grey Colour


I have built my reef system using this. It has bonded all my rocks and dried corals together making a solid structure. Very good to use, easy and sets rock hard.

Handheld TDS Meter

Great Piece Of Kit

This is a great piece of equipment. Easy to use, instant readout and cheap to buy. Arrived next day. Thanks.

Interpet Plastic Plant & Ornament Cleaner 100ml

Does What It Says.

This brought my old plants back to life. The instructions said to soak for 1 day, but mine took 3 days. They came out looking brand new and saved me quite a few pounds!

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