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Kerbside Pallet Delivery

Any item(s) which show the delivery option of 'Nominated Day Pallet' are sent by Kerbside pallet delivery. Information and Terms & Conditions, of which are detailed below. Placing an order where the item(s) are shipped by this delivery method, means full acceptance of the below terms and conditions.

We are aware there is a lot of information below, please rest assured most of our pallet deliveries arrive on their planned day. We just have to cover all bases and provide you with full information on edge cases so you have visibility upfront. 

What happens after I place my order?

After placing your order, within the number of days specified on the product details page (example below), our customer service team will call you to run through any further information you require, and agree a date for your delivery.

Delivery Messaging Example

What is Kerbside Delivery?

Kerbside delivery is where the driver will manoeuvre the pallet on a pump truck to the edge of your drive (most of the time onto your drive or to a location of your choice if the road surface permits). The driver will leave the wooden pallet for you to dispose of once you have unpacked the goods. The driver will not be able to wait for you to unwrap the goods and then take the pallet for you. Drivers will not help carry any palleted goods into houses / upstairs / into houses or apartments due to courier restrictions.

Pallet Delivery Information:

When purchasing a 'Nominated Day Pallet' product from us, we will only use the telephone number you provide during checkout to arrange delivery with you and to share with the courier to use on the day of delivery, should they need to speak to you.

Urmston Aquatics, nor our pallet courier partners are able to specify a time of day that your delivery will reach you, so you will need somebody at home all day to receive it (9am - 6pm) on the planned day of delivery. Only a kerbside delivery service is offered, the delivery drivers will unload the pallet off their lorry for you, but cannot help carry it into your property. Depending on the size of the tank or other product, we may advise that you have friends or neighbours nearby by to help you carry it indoors. Some of the items we send are large, heavy and fragile, so we highly recommend ensuring there is enough manpower to safely manoeuvre the item(s) inside without injury to yourself, or damage to the goods.

Please note that pallet deliveries can only be arranged for Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays). Delivery is not available on weekends, nor is an AM or PM specified slot.

Please be aware - Although delivery is planned for a certain date, 1 in 12 pallets will slip to the following working day due to unforeseen issues on the delivery route. Our customer service team are not made aware of these delays until customers inform us their pallet hasn't arrived on the day. If this happens to your order, Please contact us and we will be able to provide you with your local courier depo's contact number, and they will be able to re-arrange delivery with you directly. Our own customer service team aren't able to help any more regarding delayed or non-delivered pallets as we don't have access to the courier system, you will need to speak to your depo directly where they will be able to help.

Pallet Terms and Conditions:

The new delivery date for failed pallet deliveries is usually the following working day, as soon as possible.

Once we have arranged a delivery date over the phone or by email, there is a fee for cancellation, as booked deliveries are non-refundable by the courier. The cancellation fee is between £45 - £100 depending on delivery service cost to us.

If on the day of delivery, the driver is unable to locate your property, or someone in the property to sign for the delivery, by telephone or in person, and unable to delivery the pallet on that day. There will be a re-delivery fee of between £35 - £85 for the following working day, payable over the phone before re-delivery of your pallet. If the pallet is returned to us for any reason, the total order value will be refunded minus the original pallet delivery charge of between £45 - £100.

If you live in a flats or apartment block, the driver will usually call the number on your order, so you can come down and meet them if they are unable to obviously locate the front door on the ground level. Please ensure you are able to answer the phone the first time it rings are drivers only have a limited time slot to deliver your pallet so may have to leave if unable to reach you straight away. There would be a re-delivery charge in this instance for the following working day.

Palletized goods must be checked when delivered on the pallet before being moved, any damage must be reported immediately and images of the damage will need to be sent over to [email protected].

Please contact us if you have any questions on delivery, we will be more than happy to help you.

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