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Marine Salts

Marine Salt is specifically designed to replicate the saltwater marine environment. It provides every major, minor and trace element necessary. This ensures that even the most delicate marine fish, invertebrates and plants will thrive.

We provide a large selection of aquariums salts - all leading brands!

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TMC V2 Auto Top Up Compact (1 Float Switch) 9521

Works Well

A great little top up pump and water level sensor - so easy to use and set up and quite cheap compared to others.

TMC V2 Auto Top Up Compact (1 Float Switch) 9521


This is great price of kit. Works well and is very easy to set up. Also delivered next day.

TMC V2 Auto Top Up Compact (1 Float Switch) 9521

Great Auto Pump

This is great bit of kit. Easy to set up and is pretty much fool proof. The sensor is easy to set up and put in place and the pump works at just the right flow. No problems with it at all. Took me about 5 minutes to set up and get running in my sump. It tops my sump up with water from a small bucket, really easy.

Red Sea Coral Pro Marine Salt - 22kg Bucket

Best Salt

I have always used H2Ocean salt but was told that it was made by Red Sea !!!! I checked this out and was told to "look at the bottom of the bucket" and there it says made in Israel !!!! My next purchase was to try the Red Sea Salt and I found it much better. Very quick to dissolve, no cloudy'ness and my corals love it. I now only use Red Sea Salts and Steve does me a 3 bucket deal. I hope you doesn't mind me putting that here (edit it out is you want). Best value around. Hi Mark, Many thanks for your review. I have not edited any of it. The 3 bucket deals are available on all our Salts. If anyone is interested please enquire with a member of our staff. Steve

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