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Urmston Aquatics is a family run business and has been operating since 1997. The owners are Steve and Claire Croft, and are assisted by a team of 9 other staff.

Our original shop was on Flixton Road in Urmston, where we traded for many years until our business grew even more, meaning a major move to our present location. In 2009 we again "ran out of room" so instead of moving again, we decided to expand to the rear of the building .

Our location is easy to find, just 2 minutes from the Trafford Centre and 30 seconds off Junction 9 off the M60 motorway. We have plenty of free parking, our own car park to the rear of the shop, parking places at the front  and to the side of our shop, along with road side parking in the layby (don't park in the bus stop - the traffic wardens circle round every 20 minutes on scooters).

Our shop has two levels with the lower floor housing as a marine froom, a freshwater fish room, an aquarium display room and a pond room. The upper floor is where we house our reptiles and other small pets (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs etc).  Here you will also find all the accessories required for keeping Fish, Reptiles or Small Pets.

We are open 7 days a week.  Mon-Fri : 9.30 to 6pm,  Saturday : 9.30 to 5pm, Sunday : 10.00 to 4pm.

It is easy to contact us - Via phone, email and of course, our facebook page.





Our Counter Area

Urmston Aquatics

We hold a huge range of stock to cater for all those with an Aquarium hobby and being authorised agents for Aqua One, Reef One, Seachem and Caribsea gives us exclusive deals which we run as promotions. We are one of the UK's leading Juwel Aquarium sellers which is demonstrated by our high stock levels of everything required for the Juwel Aquarium.

Our marine section displays Protein Skimmers, Wave Makers, Return Pumps, RO units and specialised Lighting. You will also see many brands of treatments for Marine Aquariums including Red Sea, D-D, Seachem, Brightwell, Tropic Marin, Waterlife and others. 

If its a new filter you need, we will have it here as we stock Fluval, Interpet, Aqua One, Juwel and Aquael filters, both internal and external. Plus all the foams and other media required for all types of filters.

Fish require a varied diet and as all of our customers know, we are the best shop for a wide and varied choice of fish foods - flakes, pellets, crisps, frozen, live to the more Specialised fish foods for cichlids, herbivores, carnivores, fry, large fish, small fish - Anything from goldfish food to Arrowana food. We have it all!


Aquarium Lighting, Filters and Foods

Shop Tour - Aquarium Lighting

Urmston Aquatics is one of the UK's leadings sellers of aquarium equipment. Our off the shelf prices are the same as on our web site - up to 50% off RRP.

We hold in stock a huge selection of electrical items for aquariums: Heaters, Filters, Lighting, Pumps, Protein Skimmers, Wave Makers etc. All of stock is supplied well known brands such as - Fluval, Tetra, Red sea, Aqua One, Juwel, Interpet, API, Aquarian, Waterlife, TMC, Ocean Nutrition, Hydor etc. 

Our staff have excellent knowledge of the items we sell and are always happy to help with advice or demonstrations. Our full catalogue can be viewed on our web site or on our APP. When shopping In store loyalty points can be gained by scanning our APP at our counter following a purchase.

Spare parts - we have drawers packed full of impellers, o rings, taps, switches, connectors, guards, nozzels, clips, and any other part your aquarium may require. All these can be found on our web site to either buy on-line or in-store.


Our Marine Room - Downstairs

Urmston Aquatics - Marine Room

Downstairs is where we have all our fish rooms and our Marine Room is always busy. The range of fish on show is magnificent and everyone who visits can see that we take great care of our marine fish and inverts.

We receive two shipments of marine fish every week - Wednesdays and Fridays - and cater for most marine keepers needs straight from our tanks. If there is something special and unusual you require, just ask and we will source it for you. All our marine fish go through 48 hours of quarantine before being allowed for sale.

Our marine tanks hold over 3000 litres of water and are kept healthy with a bank of six uv sterilisers, sand bed filters, protein skimmers and a huge trickle filter. This is all backed up by a 1000 litre holding tank and staff who work very hard to keep everything healthy and clean.

Also in our marine room we have on show a Red Sea Max S-500 Reef Aquarium. We have been selling Red Sea Max aquariums ever since they first came to the UK and are now one of the leading outlets for Red Sea aquariums. 


Our Freshwater Room, Coldwater & Tropical - Downstairs

Urmston Aquatics - Freshwater Room

90 Aquariums stocked with Tropical and Coldwater fish !

This Fish room has everything for  the Freshwater Aquarist -  from Goldfish to large Lion Heads, Neon Tetras to Discus, and unusual Catfish. Our 71 Tropical Tanks and 19 Coldwater Aquariums are maintained and looked after every day by our staff who are passionate about fish keeping. All our fish are kept in the correct environments - our Catfish are kept in tanks with sand substrate, Cichlids are housed in large tanks with rocks and caves, our Tetras live in perfect Tetra water with the correct pH. We do it right.

 If there are fish you require but are not in stock, just ask a member of staff and we will get it in stock for you. Our stocks change from week to week. We always keep guppies, neon tetras in our tanks, but also we change of fish stocks weeekly - different catfish, new tetras, new cichlids etc.

This room also houses our Live Plants in a specially designed Aquarium. CO2, fertiliser and good lighting are what keeps our plants healthy. You can see a selection of the plants we sell on our shopping web site - in pots and loose bunches.

Next to our plant display is where we have our plant fertiliser, plant substrates and also CO2 kits and bottles - everything to keep a healthy planted aquarium.


Dog & Cat Heaven

Shop Tour - Aquarium

Even though we are predominantly well known as an Aquatics & Reptile Centre, we also sell Food and Accessories for Dogs and Cats.

We cater for all types of keepers who require foods and treats for their pets. Our stocks include Burns, James Wellbeloved, Pedigree, Bakers, Purina and Goodboy. Our best selling dog treat at present is our "dinosaur bones", a real bonus for the larger dog. For smaller dogs, we have our Pigs Ears which are always enjoyable!

Cats are also well catered for at Urmston Aquatics - Cat litter, foods, treats, toys and other accessories such as beds and scratching posts - All in stock and at low prices.

In this area of our shop you will also find our wild bird section which is where we sell a variety of seed and nuts for most species of garden birds. Our prices are very competitive with any garden centre for wild bird seed and treats. 

We specialise in Raw Diets for dogs and are one of the UK's leading retailers for Natural Instinct Raw Dog Foods.

We are also a stockist of Ruffwear - High quality dog wear.


Take a look at our Reptile area

Urmston Aquatics - Reptiles

Reptiles require specialised care and here at Urmston Aquatics & Reptile Centre we have qualified staff who give excellent advice on the keeping of these exotic animals. To house a reptile requires the correct equipment and food, as well as the knowledge to understand how they should be kept. We stock everything you will ever need for your reptile, from heat bulbs to heat mats, spray bottles to rain makers, thermometers to thermostats - we keep it all on our shelves. 

We have a varied range of "off the shelf" Vivariums from Glass Enclosures to Ready Assembled attractive Wooden Vivariums. Our Wooden Vivariums are available for order in nine different sizes with a choice of eight different wood colours.

We receive two fresh deliveries of live foods every week - Tuesdays and Fridays. This includes Crickets, Locusts, Waxworms, Mealworms all fresh on our shelves ready to buy. You can also order Fruit Flies or Earth Worms for specialist feeding. Our live food prices are very competative at only £2.20 per tub, or why not choose our Instore deal which is very popular - 5 mixed tubs of Locusts, Crickets or Waxworms for only  £10 - thats £2 per tub!  

Urmston Aquatics - Reptiles

We have 36 Vivariums housing a huge range of reptiles which includes Lizards, Snakes, Spiders, Scopions, Frogs, Mantids, Tortoise and Terrapins.

Our reptiles are housed in the finest Vivariums and kept in the correct environment required for each species. As our staff are qualified in reptile keeping,  they make sure that each of our reptiles receives the correct care at all times. We have care sheets for each species of reptile we sell which are available in our reptile area to take freely. Whether you are new to reptile keeping or are more experienced, you will always find something in the reptile area of our shop.

Tortoises are always popular and we sell a range of Tortoise Tables that suit all requirements for these popular pets. Available to buy are Horsfieldi, Hermans, Leopards, Sulcata and Spur Thighed Tortoises.


Aquariums & Cabinets - A room downstairs which is full of Fish Tanks for sale

Urmston Aquatics - Aquariums & Cabinets

Our display of Aquariums and Cabinets is situated downstairs and shows off many different types of Aquariums.

As well as the wide range of Aquariums in this room, we also sell many others that we just do not have room for. So all you need to do is speak to a member of our Team.

On display we have Aquariums by:

Aqua One, Juwel, Hagen, Red Sea, Interpet, kent Marine, Reef One, TMC, Marina and also a large selection of Glass Tanks and also a display of our custom made aquariums and cabinets.


Most Cabinets are sold flat packed although we also offer a Cabinet Build Service if you prefer. We require at least 24 hours notice for this and in most cases it is free. We also offer free home delivery on many of our Aquariums and Cabinets. The delivery areas are displayed on this web site in the "product information" section for each aquarium. 


Pond Fish, Foods, Filters, Pumps & Accessories

Urmston Aquatics - Pond Room

Pond season is always a busy time for us with our pond room always packed with Pond Foods, Treatments, Pumps, Filters and of course, Pond Fish.

We have 5 large holding tanks for Pond Fish where you will find Goldfish, Koi, Shubumkins, Mirror Carp, Tench and Sturgeon. Our fish prices are always the lowest in the area - our Koi start from just £3 each ! 

We stock Blagdon Pond Products and have 95% of their range of goods - Pumps, Filters, UV's, Treatments and more.

If you require Pond Liner, we sell this off the roll, the largest size we supply is 8m x 25m. Any sizes wider than 8m can be ordered, just ask a member of our Team.

We also have Pre formed Ponds by Blagdon including the Mayfly range which is ideal for most gardens. These also include free home delivery around the Manchester area.




Urmston Aquatics


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