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Reverse Osmosis Parts

What is Reverse Osmosis?   Reverse Osmosis water is essentially water where the majority of pollutants such as chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals are removed by an osmotic membrane. Pre filters and carbon remove solids and chlorine from the water prior to it reaching the membrane. This extends the life of the membrane and further improves water quality.

When choosing the model / size of an RO Unit remember that the output flow will vary greatly with temperature and mains water pressure and that the volumes stated are the maximum for that particular model.

Reverse Osmosis Units are easy to use. Most fish keepers install them under the sink near a cold water pipe with a bucket or plastic jerry can to catch the good water. The waste water is fed down outside to a drain or internal the waste pipe. The RO Units includes a self piercing mains water connector for easy installation.

If you live in an area with low mains water pressure you can purchase a booster pump which will give you mains water pressure up to 8 bar.

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Handheld TDS Meter

Great Piece Of Kit

This is a great piece of equipment. Easy to use, instant readout and cheap to buy. Arrived next day. Thanks.

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