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Sump Fittings & Media

Sump filters can contain large amounts of filter media such as bio balls, cermaic media, alphagrog, living rock, foam or floss - plus plenty of other types of media, as well as water heaters, auto water top-up devices, calcium reactors and other equipment. A sump filter can be designed in many configurations, the most common being the up and over trickle filter design. The sump filter is sited beneath the aquarium in a cabinet. Water is gravity fed from the aquarium via an overflow weir into the sump. The filtered water is then returned to the aquarium using a return pump and pipe work. We recommend using the Herbie Method for connecting an Overflow Weir to the sump - quiet operation, easy to maintain and easy to install.

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TMC V2 Submersible Power / Return / Sump Pump 3000 (3000lph)

Great Return Pump

I originally bought the TMC 5000 pump but it was too powerful and I had to turn the flow down. This resulted in the pump "humming". I mentioned this to Chris at the shop and he said I could change the pump for a smaller model. I now have the V2 3000 and it is running at full power with no noise. Its works really well and is very powerful. The silly feet can be awkward to get in place.

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