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Many species of reptile have a seasonal breeding cycle, so if you wish to breed your reptiles, you may have to alter the environment in the vivarium to simulate seasons to encourage successful mating.  Breeding Bearded Dragons!  After the female has laid her eggs, they need to be carefully removed using a spoon and placed in an incubator at 28 to 31 Deg C, with the humidity at around 50%.  The product Vermiculite is a good substrate for the eggs (not sand). The female bearded dragon will lay any where from 10 to 35 eggs. Any eggs which are yellow or extremely dented should be discarded.  The eggs will hatch after 60 to 80 days. 

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Lucky Reptile Egg O Bator Incubator

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I am new to this web site and this is the first thing I have bought from them. I received the incubator last week and it was put to use 2 days later. So far its working fine. The incubator arrived the next day after I ordered it.

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