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Exo Terra Incubation Box

The Exo Terra Incubation Box makes incubating reptile eggs safer, less complicated and improves hatch rates. Designed for use with the Exo Terra Precision Incubator.

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The Exo Terra Incubation Box is based on the Suspended Incubation Method, meaning the eggs will be suspended in a specifically designed tray "above" water or substrate, not embedded "in" a moist substrate. This method not only ensures maximum gas exchange between the permeable egg membrane and the surrounding air in the container, it also allows the eggs to absorb sufficient moisture from the ambient humidity in the container.

This has shown to improve hatching rates. The box itself holds up to 12 eggs, using the suspended incubation menthod, meaning you also don't need to purchase substrates. There is a constant and sufficient humidity level, in this easy to use system.

This is made from safe, non-toxic food grade polypropylene, which is durable and also super easy to disinfect between batches. The integrated thermometer means you can quickly and easily check the temperature inside the egg incubation box, which the clear view means you don't have to open and disturb anything in order to check on them.

The Detail:

- Holds up to 12 eggs.

- Suspended Incubation Method allows Substrate-less Incubation.

- Substrate-less, hygienic incubation method helps prevents moulding of the eggs.

- Easy-to-use; no more hassle to maintain correct substrate humidity.

- Safe and non-toxic plastic.

- Easy to clean and disinfect.

- Designed to fit in perfectly to the Exo Terra Precision Incubator.

- Clear tub allows ease of viewing to see your babies hatch!

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