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Circulation Pumps

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TMC V2 Powerflow 6000 Circulation Pump (9034)

Nice Pump

Thought I would leave a review of this pump. The magnet is really strong (my tank is 12mm glass) and the pump packs a punch - really powerful. Bit pricey though.

TMC V2 Submersible Power / Return / Sump Pump 800 (700lph)

Great Pump

Well built pump. No noise and I can adjust the flow rate (a little fiddly though).

TMC V2 Submersible Power / Return / Sump Pump 3000 (3000lph)

Great Return Pump

I originally bought the TMC 5000 pump but it was too powerful and I had to turn the flow down. This resulted in the pump "humming". I mentioned this to Chris at the shop and he said I could change the pump for a smaller model. I now have the V2 3000 and it is running at full power with no noise. Its works really well and is very powerful. The silly feet can be awkward to get in place.

Fluval Sea Aquarium Circulation Pump CP1 - 3.5W 1000 LPH

Great Little Pump

A great little pump for my nano aquarium. Gives a good amount of water distribution which was previously lacking.

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