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TORTOISE - all you need

The Tortoise - interesting facts: Almost exclusively land-dwelling animals, usually with stubby feet, and not good swimmers. They occasionally go into water to clean themselves off or drink water, but cannot cope in deep water. Their bodies are adapted to living on land and they are not stream-lined like turtles, with high domed shells and column shaped feet. Tortoises are mainly herbivorous and like to eat low-lying shrubs, cacti, grasses, weeds, fruit, and other forms of vegetation.

 So as for reptile equipment for the Tortoise, we recommend Tortoise tables which are much better suited for tortoises than vivariums as they allow for good ventilation which prevents a high humidity building up. They also give more floor space for the tortoise as well as having a hiding area which is dark and away from drafts.

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Exo Terra Tortoise Cave (PT2922)

Great Product

My tortoise loves this. Arrived next day. Great service.

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