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HabiStat Invertebrate Starter Kit

A complete starter kit, ideal for most Invertebrates, especially designed for Mantis and Stick Insects with housing and accessories all included - Just add light, heat and decor.

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The HabiStat Invertebrate Starter Kit is easy to set up and suitable for Mantis, Stick Insects and small Spiders such as Jumping Spiders.

Ideal for the beginner entomologist. The Glass Terrarium features a lift & pull sliding door, allowing easy access for maintenance feeding. Set up instructions are included within the kit to guide you through the process of installation.

In the box:

- Glass Terrarium, 20x20x30cm (8x8x12'').
- Digital Compact Thermometer.
- HabiStat Coconut Cave.
- HabiStat Spider Bedding 5L.
- HabiStat Sphagnum Moss.
- Plastic Feeding Tongs.
- Spray Bottle.

Please note the kit does not include heating, lighting or décor.

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