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The HabiStat Rainmaker removes the need for manual enclosure spraying via a number of advanced programmable options - A must-have for any reptile keeper!

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Easy to set up and reliable, the HabiStat Rainmaker is the perfect solution for adding realistic ‘rain’ sessions within your enclosure/s.

Easy and convenient to refill at the top of the unit.

You can adjust the cycle, duration, and output by adjusting the buttons as needed.

Use up to 4 nozzles to expand the coverage of your enclosure or even extend the system to multiple enclosures.

Use in conjunction with the HabiStat Humidifier for a more complete hydration cycle.


- 2.2L Reservoir.

- Quiet operation.

- Easy refill from the top.

- 5 metres of tubing (tube cutter included).

- 2 x High quality copper nozzles included.

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