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PondXpert Variflow 10,000 Pump

The PondXpert Variflow 10000 pump is the first 'valued-priced' variable flow filter pump that is ideal for year-round operation.

Availability - Available to order, delivery usually available within 2-4 working days from ordering.

The PondXpert Variflow 10,000 pump is the first 'valued-priced' variable flow filter pump that is ideal for year-round operation.

A pump where you control the flow, from 4,400lph to 9,200lph.

The Variflow pumps threaten a revolution in the pond pumps market. With an energy efficient pump and a whole host of other features, the Variflow range builds upon the design of other PondXpert pumps.

Variable Flow Rate with an Eco Design: The weatherproof electronic controller allows you to increase or decrease the flow rate, allowing the PondXpert Variflow 10,000 to be run 'low' at winter, which reduces the wattage used. The LCD controller panel can also be used to stop/start the filter pump.

Fault Code Description: The LCD controller panel will detect any pump malfunctions and will display an error code.

Auto Off Feature: The Variflow pumps will turn off if they detect that the water levels have become too shallow for the pump to operate. This offers much needed pump protection!

Easy Maintenance: The Variflow pumps handle solid particles up to 6mm, drastically reducing maintenance and blockages. 

Dry-Running Pump: These pumps can be ran ‘dry’ if required.

(Please Note: The pump should be positioned below pond water level if you are running the pump dry.)


Pump dimensions (including strainer cage):
* Length: 21cm.
* Width: 10cm.
* Height: 13cm.

Pump controller dimensions:
* Length: 17cm.
* Width: 11cm.
* Height: 7.5cm.

Voltage: 220-240w/50-60Hz.
Wattage: 15w-85w.

Power cable length:
* Electrical point to controller: 2m.
* Controller to pump: 8m.

Power cable type:
* Electrical point to controller: 3-core.
* Controller to pump: 4-core.

Guarantee: 3 years.
Minimum flow-rate: 4,400lph.
Maximum flow-rate: 9,200lph.
Flow-rate at 1m head height: 5,500lph.
Maximum head height: 5m.
Maximum operating depth: 1.5m.
Outlet size: 20/25/32/40mm.
Filter cage can handle solids up to 6mm.
Weatherproof digital control panel with LCD screen.
Can be run 'dry' or submersed in water.

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