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Aquael Glossy 80 Grey Aquarium & Cabinet - 125L

The Aquael Glossy is an Elegant Premium Aquarium Set in a New Glossy Grey Design.  Ideal for anyone who appreciates style and functionality, with its modern, energy-efficient LED lighting. Ideal for aquarium enthusiasts who appreciate modern style and functionality in a stunning Gloss Grey Colour.

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Grey has become quite popular in the interior design sector as Grey is a neutral colour, an intermediate point between black and white. It is a colour that works in harmony with many styles, from modern to classic. Grey additions are used by lovers of Scandinavian, loft, rustic and glamour styles alike. The grey elements of the space work perfectly with colourful accessories such as fabrics and paintings. Grey is also an elegant and calm colour, used in office or study settings.


- A Premium Grey Glossy Cabinet not seen on any other brand of tank to such a high quality, with a grey border to the top and bottom of the aquarium that perfectly ties it into the modern cabinet style.

- Smart Open System, which holds the cover in an upright position during aquarium maintenance.

- Aquael Leddy Tube 2.0 D&N lighting, Three light modes: DAY, DAYBREAK, NIGHT (controllable by switch on the cable for each light bar) with an expandable and repositionable light frame.

- Holes in the rear top right and left wall of the tank for convenient attachment of accessories such as external filters, heaters and airline.

- Made with 6mm Safe Tank (ST), a layered glass bonding system.

- Aquarium Measurements 80cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 54cm (H) (126cm High including the cabinet).

Discounted Heater and Filter Bundles available with the tank.



The aquarium from the Glossy set has an integrated lid and Aquael Leddy Tube Sunny Day&Night 2.0 lighting. The light modules are mounted on a special frame. When access to the inside of the aquarium is required, the lid and handle are lifted and positioned vertically on the rear wall. This solution offers the possibility of directing the lighting towards the inside of the tank, so that all aquarium maintenance work can be carried out in full illumination.

What’s more, the aquarium lid has been fitted with a convenient window to allow daily feeding of the fish, without having to open it completely.

This aquarium kit comes with 2 x 14w LED Lights, each of which have 3 settings, but it is possible to buy more and expand up to 7 in the same hood. Glossy aquaria are ideal for setting up plant tanks, biotope tanks and traditional multi-species aquaria. They are offered in three sizes: 80cm, 100cm & 120cm.


For years, AQUAEL aquarium sets have been adapted to the strict European standards for glass thickness and manufacturing quality. However, AQUAEL’s Research and Development department has set itself the task of raising the bar even further. As a result of the work, the new Safe Tank technology was born, which is a unique solution in the field of aquarists worldwide.

It is based on connecting two glass aquarium panels by means of an ultra-thin transparent film. With this solution, you do not have to worry about immediate water leakage due to accidental damage to the tank. In such a situation, the glass will not splinter into small pieces. A characteristic ‘spider web’ may appear on its surface, but the glass will be held in one piece. This will allow the fish to be moved peacefully to another location. An aquarium made with Safe Tank technology will certainly be appreciated by parents of young children. Thanks to innovative technology, the aquarium will not only be an attractive interior design element, but also a safe place for children to discover the fascinating underwater world.

Premium Glossy Cabinet

The set stands out from all other tanks due to its truly Premium, Glossy aquarium cabinets. Their High-Gloss surface adds elegance, creating a coherent whole with the aquarium. It is not just a piece of furniture – it is an element that decorates the space and emphasizes the unique character of your aquarium.


Cabinet Features:

- Premium High-Gloss Finish, creates a coherent whole with the Aquarium on top of it.

- Full back wall of the cabinet is open, providing freedom of installation of aquarium equipment (filter hoses, power cables).

- Roomy cabinet interiors provide space for all the necessary aquarium accessories.

- Adjustable feet make it possible to adjust the cabinet to any unevenness of the floor.

- Magnetic latches for easy opening and closing of cabinet doors.

- Cabinet Measurements 80cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 72cm (H) (126cm High including the aquarium).

Cabinet arrives Flat packed. Estimated build time, 1 hour.

More Information
Optional Upgrade
54cm (126cm Including Cabinet)
Glass Thickness
Tank Volume
Light Spec
2 x 14w Leddy Day & Night 2.0 Lighting (Day / Daybreak / Night options)
Optional Upgrade
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