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Laguna Colour Sticks with Mealworm 1.2kg

A High quality nutritionally balanced complete pond fish food with sustainable mealworm protein and mycoprotein. Better for your fish, better for the planet! A great food for Koi and Goldfish.

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Laguna All Season Colour Enhancing Pond Sticks contain mealworm as a key protein source, which is closer to the fish's natural diet than the fishmeal more commonly used in other brand as well as being highly sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Made with mycoprotein which is a 'superfood' in ingredient commonly used in human meat-free foods and is nutrient dense; it has a meat-like texture packed with protein and fibre.

The colour enhancing formula also has the addition of Astaxanthin, a natural red carotenoid that gives salmon their pink-red colour, this helps promote vibrant and defined colouration as well as providing antioxidant properties that may assist the function of the immune system.


- Made with mealworms.
- With mycoprotein.
- High protein superfood.
- Sustainable ingredients.
- Environmentally friendly.
- With natural carotenoids.
- Colour enhancing formula.
- Promotes vibrant colours.
- Stick Size: 8-12mm.
- Also available in 120g and 600g packs.

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