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Waterlife Algiblitz 360G

Waterlife AlgiBlitz is a very easy to use blanket weed treatment for all sizes of pond.

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What causes blanket weed?

Direct sunlight, high nitrate levels, overfeeding, overstocking, inefficient or failing filtration and lack of natural plants are common for algae growth.

What does AlgiBlitz do?

AlgiBlitz starves blanket weed of nutrients causing it to lose structure, forming balls/clumps that can be easily removed.


1) Remove excessive blanketweed to prevent decaying in pond. AlgiBlitz is safe with ornamental pond fish, plants and filtration bacteria.

2) Dissolve AlgiBlitz in hot water before adding to the pond.

3) Use once a week for the first 3 weeks. Use once a month thereafter during the blanket weed season.

4) Simply remove blanket weed balls & clumps with a net.

5) Run a fountain or pump during use.

Please note: water may cloud after use - this is normal and will dissipate within a few days.

Dosage 20ml (approx 1 level tablespoon) per 750 litres (166 gallons) of pond water.

Clears pond algae blanketweed Includes 3 treatments for up to a 4500L pond Completely safe for use with UV systems Safe for use with fish, plants & filters.

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