Aquarium Stocking Levels



There are many different methods or calculating the stocking level of a freshwater aquarium, but the easiest is this:


We advise the following stocking levels for aquariums:


  • 1cm of fish for every litre of aquarium water (does not include tail length, just head and body).


Initial stocking levels should NOT exceed 10% of the maximum final stocking level. Example: 60 litre aquarium should NOT have more than 6cm of fish introduced as its first inhabitants.

Then add fish weekly as 10% of the maximum stocking figure until the maximum stocking level is reached.


Most coldwater water aquariums run at room temperature and can be stocked at 1cm per litre. But as aquarium stocking levels are determind by the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and the amount of dossolved oxygen varies depending on water temperature, aquariums which run above 22 deg C should have a stocking  level of 0.5cm per litre of aquarium water.



Urmston Aquatics