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Red Sea DipX 100ml

Red Sea DipX 100ml is a highly effective dip for safely introducing new corals and live rocks to your aquarium without bringing in those unwanted pests!

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DipX is Red Sea’s new, highly effective solution for safe introduction of new corals and live rocks to an aquarium. Simply dip a new coral in a DipX bath solution for 15 minutes and watch as tiny “hitchhikers” including Acropora-eating flatworms, Montipora-eating Nudibranchs and Acropora Red Bugs, are driven away.

DipX is made of a specific blend of essential oils, without inorganic disinfectants, providing a highly effective yet stress-free bath.

Please note: Disinfectants and antiseptics (like Dettol) are oxidants that affect both good and bad bacteria alike and irritate the corals soft tissue, causing them unnecessary stress.

Based on our long-term testing, DipX is the safest, most effective solution available for SPS, LPS, Soft corals, Zoanthids, mushroom anemones and live rocks.


- Safe for all kinds of corals: SPS, LPS and Soft corals, Zoanthids, mushroom anemones (Discosoma and Ricordea) and live rocks.

- Effectively drives away Acropora eating flatworm, Montipora eating nudibranch, Acropora Red Bug and other coral “hitchhikers”.

- Slows down RTN and STN (external bath only).

- Free of inorganic elements such as potassium iodide or bromide.

- Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective.

How to use:

- Pour DipX into an empty container. Verify the container is both clean and dry beforehand.

- Use 10 ml of DipX (diluted 1:100 with aquarium water) to prepare 1L/0.26gallons of bath mix.

- Place your new coral or live rock in the container for no more than 15 minutes.

- Bath solution can be reused for up to four batches of corals/rocks but should be discarded within 2 hours from preparation.

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