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Laguna Pond Sticks with Mealworm 600g

A High quality nutritionally balanced complete pond fish food with sustainable mealworm protein and mycoprotein. Better for your fish, better for the planet!

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Laguna All Season Pond Sticks contain super tasty mealworm as a key protein source, this is closer to a fish’s natural fish food diet than fishmeal which is more commonly used in other brands. Even better it’s highly sustainable and environmentally friendly!

The Laguna Pond Sticks also contain Mycoprotein, a nutrient dense meat alternative packed with protein and fibre. This ‘superfood’ ingredient is more commonly used in human meat-free foods, due to its excellent nutritional profile and digestibility.

Combining mealworm with mycoprotein gives a unique composition resulting in an easily digestible food suitable for feeding all the way through the year.


- Size: 120g.
- Stick Size: 8-12mm.
- Suitable for all-season feeding.
- Contains mealworm, a healthy and sustainable alternative to fishmeal.
- Rich in Mycoprotein.
- Unique composition for delicious, easily digestible food.
- Packed with protein and fibre.
- Eco-friendly.
- Highly sustainable.
- Also available in 120g and 1.2kg packs.

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