How to introduce new fish to an Aquarium


How to add new fish to your aquarium

Firstly, always know the pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels of your aquarium water before introducing new fish. 
1) Add new fish to your aquarium by floating the fish bag in your aquarium for 30 minutes.
2)Whilst the bag is floating, split the bag open, and every five minutes add a cup of aquarium water to the bag.
3) Ensure the fish can always obtain oxygen (do not allow the bag to hang over the side of the tank and restrict oxygen supplies).
4) Then after 30 minutes allow the fish to gently swim from the bag.
5) Keep the lights switched off whilst introducing the fish and for two hours afterwards.



How to Introduce new fish into an aquarium with a small opening (biOrb, Fluval Edge etc)

1) If introducing new fish to a biOrb and or other small aquarium, it is not possible to float the bag in the tank water, therefore the bag needs to be supported in a bucket or pan outside of the tank.
2) Stand the fish bag in the bucket and open the top wide.
2) Slowly add a cup of water from your aquarium to the bag to the bag which contains the new fish  and do this every five minutes for 30 minutes.
3)Then after 30 minutes catch the new fish with a net and move them from the bag gently to the tank.  Release them from the net slowly.
4)The aquarium light should be switched off during the introduction and also for two hours afterwards.



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