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Coldwater and Tropical Fish Feeding

There are many different ways to feed aquarium fish.

 When a new aquarium is set up the feeding must be regulated because over feeding will quickly pollute the water and kill the fish.

 For new aquariums we advise the following the  "2 minute" feeding method for the first six weeks.



The 2 Minute Rule

Stand at your aquarium for a full 2 minutes.

Feed the fish a pinch of food, when this has been eaten feed them another pinch, and then so on for the full 2 minutes.

Only feed another  picnh of food when the previous pinch has been fully eaten.

Each pinch should be enough to feed the fish without it going past the fish and reaching the bottom of the aquarium.

If the food reaches the bottom of the aquarium the pinch of food was too large. This will cause pollution.


If you have catfish or other bottom fedind fish in your aquarium you should feed these the appropriate foods such as catfish pellets, algae wafers etc.


It is best to supplement aquariums with some live plants.




How Fish Feed


The digestive system of most fish comprises of a single pipe going from mouth to the anus. Fish do not store food like ourselves.

There are three parts to this pipe, these being the mouth, stomach and intestine. Food can pass from the mouth of the fish and be excreted with 20 to 30 minutes which is why overfeeding can cause problems.



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