The Basic Rules of Fishkeeping


The Basic Rules are:


1) Do NOT add too many fish at once.

refer to our stocking guide here.


2) Never over stock an aquarium.

refer to our stocking guide here.


3) Never overfeed an aquarium.

refer to our feeding guide here.


4) Never wash filters in tap water. This kills the essential bactiera. Only wash filters in aquarium water.

refer to our nitrogen cycle guide here.


5) Always dechlorinate tap water BEFORE adding it to your aquarium

refer to our tap water guide here.


6) Carryout regular water changes. This is important for the removal of nitrates from the water.

refer to our water changing guide here.


7) Always know the pH of your aquarium water before adding fish

refer to our pH guide here.


 8) Understand the importance of ammonia, nitrite and nitatres.

refer to our water guide here.


9) When using treatments ALWAYS follow the instructions. Never guess!

refer to our disease prevention page here.


9) “No one ever told me” Doh!  A poor excuse for trying to blame someone else.

The information is on the internet, in a book or ask at your local aquarium shop.



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